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After much prayer and hard work I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue a dream God had laid on my heart. I’ve opened my soul, exposing my trials and struggles with depression hoping my story and inspiration serve to help anyone facing a struggle or challenge. I combine my experiences as a college athlete, corporate professional, daughter, granddaughter, sister and friend into a story of success that comes to life in speaking engagements, workshops and my book, “The D Diary”. Join me on my journey to discover the healing Light of God.

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Through a very raw and personal voice, I paint a picture of the devastating affects depression has weaved through my family tree. The purpose of the book is to draw upon practical and proven methods to achieve a life without depression, learn to use the tools God has given to live with depression, and give insight for helping those with depression. Throughout the book I draw upon my own experiences with this disease and illustrate how all things are possible if you believe and allow God to lead you.

Whether you suffer from depression, need help through a rough time or simply find comfort through the encouraging words you will find hope in this book. And, don’t we all need a little hope! I hope you’ll walk away with tools, goals and a world full of possibilities rooted in the word of God, enabling you to live the happy life He intended for you.

It’s Time to Shine!
Are you looking for insight and tools to overcome your struggles?
We all have shortcomings and we all have challenges. God has told each of us that we will never come face-to-face with a trial that we cannot triumph. That also means he has given us the tools to conquer tests we confront!

Do you desire to do God’s will but struggle in how to execute it?
Sometimes walking the Christian path can be confusing leading you down winding roads but God gave us a road-map and it’s called a Bible. He gave us navigational tools such as prayer, fellowship and instruction to make sure we always have a GPS system leading us to His light.

Are you living with depression?
I live with depression on a daily basis. Depression spans generations in my family, leaving two of my grandfathers victims of suicide. I believe that God is holding my hand and has given me the tools to overcome my depression. I continue to learn and grow on a daily basis holding on to my faith in God’s mercy. I pray that I give you strength, inspirations and tools to live with your depression.

Do you want to be inspired and entertained?
Join me as I inspire, entertain and educate on all of these topics. I address everything head-on in very raw and real ways through my writing and speaking. Go on this journey with me learning the tools we each need to grow, survive and shine!

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Let your light shine,

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.” – Isaiah 60:1